In-depth toolkit: Consumer Publishing

Background British Book Exports currently make up 43% of the industry’s sales by value. The steady rise of English as the language of international communication, of business, and of education is increasing our industry’s export potential, and even if reading for pleasure in a second language is a minority pastime, it too is on the … Continue reading In-depth toolkit: Consumer Publishing

In-depth toolkit: Foreign Rights

SECTION 1: Fundamentals In this section we will look at what foreign rights are, why they are licensed and what the process for licensing foreign rights is. What are Foreign Rights? Foreign rights is the term given to the licensing of content to overseas publishers. Once in receipt of a licence overseas publishers are able … Continue reading In-depth toolkit: Foreign Rights

In-depth toolkit: Education Publishing

Introduction International publishing and export are a significant part of the UK’s Educational Publishing sector and revenue. While export of existing UK school books and services is part of the mix a significant proportion of the UK’s educational publishing export business is for teaching and learning resources that have been written specifically for UK International … Continue reading In-depth toolkit: Education Publishing

A glossary of book exporting terms

Agency A contractual arrangement whereby a publishers or Distributor does some or all of warehousing, sales, shipping and marketing on behalf of (another) publisher. Agency Publisher  A publisher ‘A’ whose list is, by agreement, subject to some or all of warehousing, sales, shipping and marketing by another publishers or by a Distributor ‘B’: ‘A’ is … Continue reading A glossary of book exporting terms

Translation Grants

UK English PEN Languages: All languages PEN translates aims to encourage UK publishers to acquire more books from other languages. The award helps UK publishers to meet the costs of translating new works into English – whilst ensuring translators are acknowledged and paid properly for their work. The fund is open to works from … Continue reading Translation Grants

Department for International Trade Support

The Department for International Trade offers companies a wide range of different support from online guidance to one-to-one support from an international trade adviser to grant funding for exhibiting at book fairs. Click on any of the links below for more information: Browse the guidance in any order Apply for export opportunities Contact an international … Continue reading Department for International Trade Support