The key principles of export marketing are:

  • Keep overseas distributors informed in good time of all marketing and promotional campaigns devised and programmed for the home market, together with the relevant materials both print and digital.
  • Acknowledge that certain campaigns will not be appropriate or effective in international use.
  • Be aware of, and act on, the need to adapt these campaigns for use in specific markets.
  • In particular, be sensitive to cultural nuances which may require certain campaign elements, illustrations but also language, to be changed, sometimes fundamentally so. Take the advice of local partners on this.
  • Be responsive, supportive and flexible towards marketing suggestions from overseas partners. Communicate regularly with those partners about marketing possibilities.
  • Become sufficiently immersed in key overseas markets to be able to devise market-specific campaigns. Study your sales by market by title/series/subject and respond to your findings by developing campaigns that build on existing success.