2.82 million (2017) 

Official language



Euro () 

Official Statistics Office

Statistics Lithuania 

Trade Associations

Lithuanian Publishers Association (Lietuvos leidėjų asociacija or LLA) 
Association for Reading Promotion and Cultural Literacy 

Annual Book Fairs

Vilnius Book Fair is held over 4 days in February. 

Translation Programmes

Lithuanian Cultural Institute’s Translation Grant Programme grants for foreign publishers for the translation of works from Lithuanian or which are related to Lithuania. 

VAT on Books

9% for books and 21% on eBooks 

Fixed Book Price System



Book market statistics (PA, August 2017) [link to download/view] 

Get Connected to Lithuanian Books (Aida V Dobkevičiūtė, Lithuanian Publishers Association) [link to download/view] 

Lithuanian’s report to Federation of European Publishers (June 2017) [link to download/view] 

Useful Contacts

British Council
Tel: +370 614 04681

Artūras Vasiliauskas, Country Director
Email: arturas.vasiliauskas@britishcouncil.lt 
Tel: (+370) 686 54 081 

Department for International Trade
Email: ukti.vilnius@fco.gov.uk 
Tel: +370 5 246 2900



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