32.9 million (2017) 

Official language



Saudi riyal (﷼) 

Important Ministries

Ministry of Education 

Ministry of Media 

Official Statistics Office

General Authority for Statistics 

Trade Associations

Saudi Publishers Association 

Annual Book Fairs

Riyadh International Book Fair is held over 10 days in March.

Jeddah International Book Fair is held over 11 days in December/January. 

Translation programmes

VAT on books
0% for books and eBooks

Fixed book price system


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Publishing Industry Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities (SlideShare, Tahseen Consulting2015) 

Mini market profile Saudi Arabia (PA, 2016) [link to download/view] 

Saudi Arabia Publishing Market Profile (PA, 2006) [link to download/view] 


Useful Contacts

British Council
Email: KSAinfo@sa.britishcouncil.org 
Tel: +966920003668 

Department for International Trade
Email: commercial.riyadh@fco.gov.uk
Tel: +966 (0) 11 4819 100

Directory of Arab Publishers (Arab Publishers’ Association) 

Book Distributors
Many distributors in Saudi Arabia are also publishers and booksellers.
Directory of Saudi Distributors (Dar Al Sharouk)