146,171,015 (2021)

Official language



RUB ₽ - Russian Ruble



Time Zone

UTC+2 to +12

Dialling Code


Area (sq. miles)



$4.328 trillion (PPP)

Important Ministries

Ministry of Education oversees school education and school accreditation.

Ministry of Culture is the federal executive body which deals with culture and arts issues.

VAT on Books

18% for books

Trade Associations

Russian Book Chamber

Publishers Association of Russia (Assotsiyatsia Knigoizdatelei or ASKI)

Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication (FAPMC) is the federal body of executive authority responsible for the provision of state services and managing state property in the sphere of the press, media and mass communication.

Russia Book Union (RBU) U is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation which unites over 1,500 book industry entities including publishers and distributors, scientific, educational, and library communities.

Booksellers Association of Independent States (Assotsiyatsia Knigorasprostranelei Nezavisimykh Gosudarstv or ASKR) is a voluntary independent organisation that unites bookselling enterprises and publishing houses, safeguarding the legal rights of its members as well as promoting them and enlarging the market.

Russian Library Association (RBA)

Guild of Book-Dealers unites the leading Russian publishing houses, booksellers, public organisations, universities, and library communities.


Russian book market: State, trends and development prospects in 2017 (FAPMC, 2017, in Russian)

Annual Book Fairs

Moscow International Book Fair is held over 5 days in September.

Moscow Non/Fiction Book Fair is held over 5 days in December, showcasing the best artistic, scientific, and popular science literature.

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair is held over 5 days in November in Siberia.

St Petersburg International Book Salon is held over 4 days in May.

Translations Programmes

Institute of Translation funds, promotes and supports the translation of Russian literature into other languages and foreign literary works into Russian. Contact: grants@institutperevoda.ru

Russkiy Mir Foundation

Mikhail Prokhorov Fund Transcript Programme focuses on the financial support of translations of Russian texts in the liberal arts (history, philosophy, political science, sociology etc), as well as works of classic and contemporary fiction, poetry, and children’s literature.

Trade Magazines

Book Industry is a magazine that focuses on the in-depth analysis, a comprehensive study of the Russian book market.

University Book is a journal for university and public libraries, independent booksellers, and departments of higher and secondary special educational institutions.

Useful Contacts

British Council

Email: moscow@britishcouncil.ru
Tel: +7 (495) 287 1800

Department for International Trade

Email: TradeInvestmentMoscow@fco.gov.uk
Tel: +7 495 9567200

John Lindfield, Head of DIT Russia, Moscow
Email: lindfield@fco.gov.uk

Yulia Mochalova, Moscow
Email: mochalova@fco.gov.uk

Lyudmila Stepnova, Experience Economy, Moscow
Email: Stepnova@fco.gov.uk

Simon Brown, Deputy Director, Moscow
Email: brown@fco.gov.uk

Yulya Alekseyeva, St Petersburg
Email: alekseyeva@fco.gov.uk


Many of Russia’s largest book chains are owned by the major publishers.

Directory of Russian Booksellers (ASKR, 2018)

Bukvoed, Russia’s largest book chain, is owned by Eksmo.

Chitai-Gorod merged with Bukvoed in 2018.



Las Knigas

Moskovskiy Dom Knigi

Ozon.ru is an online retailer.

LitRes is Russia’s number one ebook platform, owned by EKSMO–AST.


Directory of Russian Publishers (ASKI, 2017)


AST is owned by EKSMO.

Drofa, a leading publisher of educational materials and literature, is owned by EKSMO–AST.



Olma Media Group

Azbuka-Atticus Publishing Group

Phoenix (Feniks) Publishing Group

Examen is an educational publisher that publishes mostly revision aids – which is a large market.

Egmont Russia Ltd

Rosman Publishing House

Veche Publishers


Distribution is concentrated in Moscow and St Petersburg. Russia largest publishing group EKSMO–AST manages its own distribution, with nine regional distribution centres.

Book House distributes ELT books.

Centercom distributes trade and ELT books.