5.28 million (2017) 

Official language



Norwegian krone (kr) 

Important Ministries

  • Ministry of Culture is responsible for the policy areas of culture, equality and discrimination, copyright, the media, sport and the voluntary sector. 


Official Statistics Office

Statistics Norway   

Trade Associations

Norwegian Publishers Association (NPA) 

Norwegian Booksellers Association (Bokhandlerforeningen) 

Annual Book Fairs


Translation Programmes

NORLA’s Translation Subsidies encourage foreign publishers to publish books by Norwegian authors of fiction and non-fiction. 

VAT on Books

25% for books and eBooks 

Fixed Book Price System



Monthly sales statistics and industry statistics (NPA, 2019, in Norwegian) 

Information on Norwegian Literature (NORLA) 

Scandinavia Publishing Market Profile (PA, 2004) [link to download/view] 

Book Market Statistics (PA, 2017) [link to download/view] 


Useful Contacts

British Council
Email: norway.enquiries@britishcouncil.org 

Sue WilthilOslo
Email: sue.wilthil@mobile.trade.gov.uk

Department for International Trade
Email: DIT.norway@fco.gov.uk 
Tel: +47 23 13 27 00

Directory of Norwegian Publishers (NPA) 

Cappelen Damm
Vigmostad & Bjørke 

Directory of Norwegian Booksellers (Norwegian Booksellers Association) 

Book Distributors

Latest updates on Norway

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