263.9 million (2017)

Official language

Bahasa Indonesia


Indonesian rupiah (Rp)

Important Ministries

Ministry of Education & Culture

Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) is a non-ministerial government institution responsible for the creative economy, with 16 sub-sectors.

Official Statistics Office

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) is a non-departmental government institute that conducts surveys on national and provincial socio-economics, manufacturing establishments, population and the labour force.

Trade Associations

Indonesia Publisher Association (IKAPI)

National Book Committee was established in 2016 introduce Indonesian writers and literary works to the rest of the world.

Indonesian Library Association (Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia or ILA) is the only formal association for the library profession in Indonesia, with branches in each of the 33 provinces.

Annual Book Fairs

Indonesia International Book Fair held over 5 days in Jakarta in September
Islamic Book Fair held over 5 days in February/March
Ubud Writers & Readers Festival held over 5 days in October

Translation Programmes

LitRI Translation Grant provides financial assistance to foreign publishers who have purchased translation rights for works of Indonesian literature.

The Lontar Foundation promotes Indonesian literature and culture through the translation of Indonesian literary works.

VAT on Books

10% for books and ebooks

Fixed Book Price System



Indonesian Books in Numbers Report (IKAPI, 2015)

Report on the Indonesian Book Market (Frankfurt Book Fair, 2015)

Useful Contacts

British Council
Tel: +62 21 2933 3470/72/80

Department for International Trade
Email: DITJakarta.Enquiries@fco.gov.uk
Tel: +62 (0)21 2356 5200

Book Distributors
The larger publishers have their own distributors, and often serve smaller publishers.

Pt Java Books Indonesia/Periplus