341,284 (2017) 

Official language



Icelandic króna (kr) 

Important Ministries

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture 

Official Statistics Office

Statistics Iceland 

Trade Associations

Icelandic Publishers Association (Félagíslenskabókaútgefenda) 

Annual Book Fairs

  • Iceland Publishers Association organises book fairs in Reykjavík, Akureyri and Egilsstadir (each once a year).  
  • Reykjavik Book Fair (Helsingin Kirjamessutis held over 4 days in October. 


Translation Programmes

Icelandic Literature Center offers translation grants to foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Icelandic. 

VAT on Books

11% for books and eBooks 

Fixed Book Price System




Mini market profile Iceland (PA, 2010) [link to download/view] 

Book market statistics (PA, 2017) [link to download/view] 


Useful Contacts

British Embassy
Email: info@britishembassy.is 
Tel: +354 550 5100

Department for International Trade
Email: info@britishembassy.is 
Tel: (+354) 550 5100

Petur Stefansson, DirectorReykjavik
Email: Petur.Stefansson@mobile.trade.gov.uk 

Directory of Icelandic Publishers (Icelandic Publishers Association) 

Book Distributors
There are no longer any wholesalers or distributors within Iceland. Most of the publishers also sell directly to readers. (PA Mini Market Profile, 2010)