9.5 million (2017) 

Official language

Belarusian and Russian 


Belarusian ruble (Br) 

Official Statistics Office

National Statistical Committee 

Trade Associations

National Book Chamber of Belarus 
Belarusian Association of Book Publishers and Distributors (SIRP)
Belarusian Writers' Union
Belarusian PEN Center is an association of professional writers, protecting the rights of writers and participates in world literary process and contributes to the development of the Belarusian culture. 

Annual Book Fairs

Minsk International Book Fair is held over 5 days in February, organised by the Ministry of Information. 

Fixed Book Price System



Market brief Belarus (PA, 2017)[link to download/view] 

Useful Contacts

British Embassy
Email: ukin.belarus@fco.gov.uk
Tel: +375 17 229 8200

The largest book distributors are state-owned with their own retail network. (PA Market brief, 2017) 

Book Distributors