41.3 million (2017) 

Official language

Arabic and Berber are the official languages, but French is widely used in government, culture, media, and education. 


Algerian dinar (دج) 

Official Statistics Office

National Office of Statistics  

Trade Associations

Algerian Publishers Union (Union des Éditeurs Algériens or UEA)
National Organisation of Book Publishers (Organisation Nationale des Éditeurs du Livre  or ONEL)
International Association of French Booksellers 

Annual Book Fairs

Algiers International Book Fair (Salon International du Livre d’Alger or SILA) is held over 13 days in October/November. 

VAT on Books

7% for books 

Fixed Book Price System



Mini market profile Algeria (PA, 2014)

Useful Contacts

British Council
Email: Algeria.Information@britishcouncil.org 
Tel: +213 (0) 21 48 18 97 

Department for International Trade
Email: DITAfricaTrade@mobile.trade.gov.uk 
Tel: + 213 (0) 770 085 000

Directory of Algerian Publishers (Ministry of Culture) 

Directory of Algerian Booksellers (Ministry of Culture)
Directory of French Algerian Booksellers (International Association of French Booksellers) 

Book Distributors
Most publishers distribute through a limited number of booksellers located mostly in major urban centres across 10 major states due to poor distribution chains in the other states. (PA mini market report) 

There is a lack of bookstores and serious distribution networks.’ (Karim Chikh, publisher ApicNews Africa, 2018) 

Directory of Algerian Distributors (Dar Al Sharouk)